Top Level Domains (TLDs) Explained

Written by: Peter Fisher on September 19, 2016
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What is are Top Level Domains?

Top Level Domains, every website has one and every website needs one.  So what are they, and how do you get one?

Simply put, a Top Level Domain or TLD for short, is the extension of a web address.  It’s the part after the first dot at the end of a domain name.  So the  .com or for example. The Websomatics TLD is http:://

Common questions about Top Level Domains

Why are there so many different Top Level Domains?

Top Level Domains normally fall into two categories.  1) Generic TLDs and 2) Country Specific TLD’s. A generic TLD would be .biz or .info whereas a country specific TLD would signify the websites country of origin like .uk (United Kingdom) or .ca (Canada). However these days there is less significance on the type of TLD a website has.

Can I have another countries Top Level Domain?

Yes you can but it might be costly. Some types of TLDs require certain conditions such as location and ownership period.

Who owns and controls all the unregistered domains?

It depends on the TLD but each is controlled by a registry which is managed under the guidance of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  An example is Nominet who handle most of the .uk TLDs

So do I need to register my domain with a TLD registry?

Yes but you would go through a domain registration reseller/service such as Namesco, Fasthosts or Heart Internet. These companies handle the registration and renewal process for you. All you need is to sign up for their service and think of a domain name to use.

I have more questions on TLDs and domain names. Can you help?

Websomatic will gladly talk you through the differences of TLDs and walk you through the domain name registration process. We will take all the stress out of registering your domain. So get in touch to register your domain today

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