2016 Websomatic website redesign

Written by: Peter Fisher on August 1, 2016
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Welcome to the 2016 Websomatic website redesign!

This is our 2016 redesign which includes numerous design and user experience improvements.
One of the major changes in this redesign is the new logo and colour scheme. This marketing change is now consistent in all our offline and online media.

The 2016 Websomatic website redesign is built for mobile devices

Websomatic has a responsive and mobile friendlywebsite The 2016 Websomatic website redesign uses the latest web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) to provide a responsive mobile layout. The websites design automatically adjusts to suit smaller screens.  This includes mobile phones and tablet displays. We have ensured that there is no reduction to usability to smaller screens.

Responsive mobile design changes:

  • On a mobile phone the main menu changes to a grid.
  • On mobile devices the three homepage action boxes are removed; This puts the other important content first.
  • Font size changes to suit the screen size.
  • Reader mode is enabled; This reduces page clutter.
  • Shareable icons change position on mobile screens; This makes the content a high priority to readers.
  • Footer links change their position on tablet devices; This keeps the design consistant  .

Built for Blogging

The previous website blog articles were populated from peterfisher.me.uk. (The developer at Websomatic). These posts focused on the technical side of web and mobile development. The new website now has its own blog section with its own articles.  The articles will focus on ways to improve your website, SEO, tips and web and mobile application news.

Built for quick contact and quote requests

If you have a number of project requirements then it may be easier to fill out the quote form.

When requesting a quote you can add a number of options such as design, hosting and project type (Mobile/Web/Other). This form will give Websomatic a better idea of your project needs.

Alternatively you maybe looking for website or mobile advice. Or you might want to arrange a meeting, beer or coffee to discuss an idea. Fill out our contact form if this is the case.

Future improvements

A website should continue to grow and develop with new technologies. More improvements can be made for smaller screens. One of the coming improvements is to ingrate the Websomatic Facebook page into the website.  This might be placed alongside the Twitter feed or have its own section.

Improvements will include:

  • Scrollable client lists
  • Testimonial sections
  • Better blog search
  • A better site map
  • Related blog article section

Tell us what you think of the 2016 Websomatic redesign

Take a look around and let us know what you think of the 2016 Websomatic redesign.

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Peter Fisher is a UK based freelance web developer and cross platform mobile applications developer. He has a degree in E-Commerce and Multimedia and has worked for many web design agencies and hosting companies.

Peter has his own web and mobile development blog and is the host of the HowToCodeWell YouTube channel.

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