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Customers are key to the success of your business and they will only buy from your website if they feel confident in your web presence. If your website lacks a professional feel or is hard to navigate then your customers will go elsewhere. Customers of any website expect a secure and fast online transaction. They have researched similar products from your competitors and so your website needs to stand out from the crowd.

Managing products and stock

Websomatic offers bespoke content management tools modules allow products to be created and managed. Product pricing, images and attribute details can be altered. Stock levels can be entered and automatically changed based on incoming orders.

Customer orders

Websomatic provides bespoke order modules that tracks an order through the purchasing process. Orders are flagged when payments are taken and when dispatch is ready. Emails can be sent to the customer at each stage.

Regular customers can login to their accounts and see what orders have been placed and tack current purchases

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